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Google Docs

Google DocsKeeping all aspects of your band organised on your computer is never easy, but using Google Docs as a musician can absolutely make everything neater and under control. Google Docs brings your documents to life with smart editing and styling tools to help you easily format text and paragraphs. Choose from hundreds of fonts, add... Read More »

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft ExcelEvery band member needs to organise things from time to time, so if you manage your own band’s tours, recordings and money, then Microsoft Excel will be your best friend. Spreadsheets help to plan, track, report and organise your projects in a visual and easy-to-maintain way so that your band is on top of everything.   What... Read More »


StreamhearStreamhear is a free tool for bands and fans alike, all about finding the best gigs in your area with the ability to listen to the artists there and then. Streamhear is a broadcasting app that connects fans to musicians no matter the size, distance or isolation. This episode chats with the platform’s founder Craig Ninness to discuss... Read More »


BandAidzBandaidz is a new platform for bands in app format that focuses on the social aspect and delivering an opportunity for Artists to reach an audience that are interested in attending their gigs and perhaps meeting a new ‘special someone’ whilst they are at it.   Key things to know about Bandaidz Mobile app on... Read More »

Merchr (with founder Jay Huxtable)

Merchr (with founder Jay Huxtable)Merchr is a new platform for bands to sell clothing and CDs, with the added benefit of only paying for what you sell rather than having to place a bulk order. With a monthly subscription package, there are no other initial outlay costs or a minimum order, simply send your design to Merchr and they... Read More »

Music Funding

Music FundingSo many ideas and motivation but so little money, it’s increasingly important to look at music funding options. A day in the life of a musician, tell me about it! But where there’s a will there’s a way, so here are some ideas to help you fund your next music projects.   Types of music funding... Read More »

Music Video

Music VideoOne of the best promotion methods for your band is music video. These days YouYube is a search engine of it’s own, and often people will hear your music here for the first time. Therefore you want to make an impact and take charge of your online video presence. Having a good music video show... Read More »

Booking Flights

Booking FlightsWhen your band is on a tour where driving isn’t possible, booking flights for musicians becomes a big deal. Balancing cheap prices with good times and sufficient luggage is essential for efficiency in the air.   Where to begin with booking flights for musicians Write an itinerary – Figure out your dates and know what times... Read More »

Support Slots

Support SlotsBandTools Ep 29 – Get your band support slots as an opening act with popular established artists that are touring to your city. This is not always as hard as it seems, and you will benefit from playing to bigger crowds and boosting your band’s resume. Networking and making a good impression has never been so important.... Read More »

Customer Service

Customer ServiceYou might not have thought to include this in your promotion plan to attract new fans, but customer service for bands is an incredibly important concept in order to retain existing fans, build brand loyalty, and help potential customer trust you when enquiring about making a purchase. Whilst the prospect of reaching heaps of people... Read More »


MerchOne of the biggest and most reliable income streams for bands is selling merchandise. Not only that, it’s the perfect promotional tool because other people are donning your designs and doing the unbiased marketing on your behalf wherever they go. With the sales from the actual music experiencing a decline since the glory days, merch... Read More »


VinylWhile physical music sales are unquestionably plummeting, astoundingly vinyl is enjoying a resurgence. Older music fans as well as the younger generation are turning to vinyl as their physical preference, some for the sound quality and some for collector purposes. Record labels and large scale bands are taking advantage of the phase, but as DIY independent... Read More »

CD Pressing

CD PressingSome say it’s a dying format and there is no denying the damning statistics, but neverless bands are still undertaking CD pressing, so let’s learn about how to do it properly.   Why do band still press CDs? To hold a physical product in their hands To see the artwork, have a booklet, and lyrics/credits... Read More »

ISRC Codes

ISRC CodesEnsure your songs can be traced and identified by giving them ISRC codes. Getting ISRC for your recordings is free and easier than you may think. What is ISRC? ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code. It is the international identification system for recorded works. Each code is unique and is permanently encoded into a... Read More »

How to book a tour

How to book a tourIf you’ve got an itch to get your band on the road, it is worth considering learning how to book a tour for yourself. It’s not as hard as you think, you’ll learn plenty in the process, and can strategically increase your band’s profile for future endeavours. When is it a good time to book your own... Read More »

How to book a gig

How to book a gigStop desperately waiting for that next show offer, and learn how to book a gig yourself. It’s not as hard as you think, you’ll learn plenty in the process, and can strategically increase your band’s profile in the local scene. When is it a good time to book your own gig If you’re a new... Read More »

Reviews, Interviews, Radioplay

Reviews, Interviews, RadioplayNo matter how many high-level marketing strategies you try, finding and impressing potential fans can be done by easy music promotion. At the end of the day it comes down to two things – Recording awesome songs and honest credible promotion. Reviews, interviews and radioplay are three old-school music marketing pieces of gold that are... Read More »

BandTools – Let’s kick it up a notch

BandTools – Let’s kick it up a notchTwenty BandTools podcast episodes in and going strong. Time to get the listeners involved and provide more resources on what YOU want.   Give your feedback to BandTools – Click here to complete a quick anonymous survey!   What is BandTools? BandTools is a podcast and online resource that discovers the best online tools for... Read More »

Parlour Gigs – Book and Perform at House Shows

Parlour Gigs – Book and Perform at House ShowsGood music venues can sometimes be few and far between, shows can be hard to get, and payments can be slim after a lot of hard work, so if you want to try something different you can book and perform house shows with Parlour Gigs.   What is Parlour Gigs An Australian based website, connecting musicians... Read More »

Airbnb – Cheap accommodation for bands on tour

Airbnb – Cheap accommodation for bands on tourExpenses add up quickly when your band is on tour, but you can save money from booking cheap tour accommodation with Airbnb accommodation for bands. Hotels can be expensive, motels can be seedy, friends couches can become tiresome, but with Airbnb you can find practical accommodation in convenient locations.   Head to Airbnb now by clicking... Read More »

Songkick – Promote your events online

Songkick – Promote your events onlinePhysical promotion for gigs though posters & flyers is gradually becoming less effective, so we need to look at different ways to stand out online, we can now promote events with Songkick. No longer do you need to manually type your tour dates over and over again, with Songkick you can type them into one... Read More »

Distrokid – Get songs on music streaming services

Getting your songs on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music & more has never been easier with Distrokid music streaming services. In today’s music world it is important to expand outside just CDs and Vinyl to reach more listeners, and Distrokid is a great option to do it cheaply and easily.   What is Distrokid An online... Read More »

YouTube – Promote your band with video

YouTube – Promote your band with videoWith 6 billion hours of video being streamed every month, YouTube for musicians is imperative to maximise effective promo. There are plenty of opportunities for bands to promote cleverly and think outside the box.   What is YouTube A massive video sharing website making it easy to stream all sorts of video online. It’s one of the most... Read More »

Wikipedia for musicians – Get correct info online

Wikipedia for musicians – Get correct info onlineThere is information overload on the internet about every topic known to man, especially with Wikipedia for musicians, but it’s not always 100% accurate. When people search your band on Google, what will they find? It is important to do regular test searches, and you will find that Wikipedia results are always near the top. Whilst... Read More »

Big Cartel – Create a webstore for your band

Big Cartel – Create a webstore for your bandBeing able to sell your merchandise online is a huge opportunity for bands, and you can with Big Cartel. It means people from all over the world can buy your band’s shirts, even if you aren’t playing a gig near them. How cool is it having fans proudly wearing your band’s logo in all corner of... Read More »

NoiseTrade – Is an email more valuable than a sale?

NoiseTrade – Is an email more valuable than a sale?Here we have another option for your band’s digital distribution. What is more valuable for your band in the current music environment, a one-off sale or the retrieval of contact info so you can reach out to that fan again and again? This dilemma has been researched by NoiseTrade, who offer the ability to sell your... Read More »

Survey Monkey – Find out what your fans really want

Survey Monkey – Find out what your fans really wantWhy should you guess what your fans really think when you can actually ask them! There are free tools such as Survey Monkey to create quick surveys for your fans to submit anonymously, so that you can get feedback on your latest gig or discover what they want to hear on your next album.   What is Survey Monkey... Read More »

Refresh & Recap – Take a step back – Music Management

Refresh & Recap – Take a step back – Music ManagementIt’s been fairly hectic learning a new music management tool every week, so for the 10th episode let’s take a step back, reflect on what we have discussed so far and focus on what is really important.   The most important thing – Make music. Don’t let promo, online marketing & music management detract from time spent... Read More »

Spotify – Streaming your music for the masses

Spotify – Streaming your music for the massesMusic streaming is officially the most popular form of music consumption. With over 100 million users on Spotify alone, it is easy to see that streaming is the music industry’s fastest growing revenue source. This has been helped by the increase in smart phones, better internet connections, ease of accessibility and affordable pricing.   What... Read More »

Instagram – Promote your band with Images & Graphics

Instagram – Promote your band with Images & GraphicsSocial Media is increasingly becoming more about photos and videos, and BandTools reckons Instagram for bands takes that to the next level. Purchased by Facebook in 2012, this mobile friendly media app is a great way to share tour updates, studio diary, new merch, gig posters, and much more to keep your fans engaged in your band.  ... Read More »

Bandcamp – Stream and sell music & merch online

Bandcamp – Stream and sell music & merch onlineLike it or not, streaming is steadily taking over the music world, so it’s time to learn how to use Bandcamp. CD sales have been declining for years as fans have figured out how to download torrents and leak youtube clips for free. Since the industry has become accepting of this change in behaviour, dedicated... Read More »

Mailchimp – Create email lists to reach your fans

Mailchimp – Create email lists to reach your fansSocial media promotion can only be so effective, so BandTools recommends Mailchimp for bands. Social media wont always reach all of your potential fans, and is generally only seen by whoever is online at the time, plus there’s heaps of distractions. Email lists are great because you can capture info on your fans in one central place,... Read More »

Canva – Easy DIY art & design for musicians

Canva – Easy DIY art & design for musiciansSay goodbye to outsourcing your band’s promotional art, Canva offers a free online built-in tool that is easier than photoshop and allows bands to create their own designs to look super pro in the blink of an eye! Some ideas for musicians to create on Canva – Concert posters & flyers, facebook thumbnails and cover layouts,... Read More »

BandWerkz – Improving Communication With Your Band Members

BandWerkz – Improving Communication With Your Band MembersBeing able to chat with your band members, all at the same time and all in one place, can be one of the most important ways to achieve goals and maximise happiness amongst the group. When you are offered a gig, choosing merch designs, sharing new songs – It’s not productive to make 5 phone calls... Read More »

BandTools Folders & Templates for DIY Band Management

BandTools Folders & Templates for DIY Band ManagementI’m excited to offer a solution to help get your band get organised! After 10 years of DIY management of my own band, I finally became sick of trudging through messy folders just to find the most basic of info. So over the years, I’ve been creating folders, templates, checklists and examples to make DIY band... Read More »