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I’m excited to offer a solution to help get your band get organised! After 10 years of DIY management of my own band, I finally became sick of trudging through messy folders just to find the most basic of info. So over the years, I’ve been creating folders and templates to make life as easy as possible for musicians – here is BandTools!


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Here is an example of what’s inside – Album Release Checklist

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• Pre-arranged folders and sub folders set up so that your band stuff is ready to be

saved in an organised way that you can find it quickly and easily!

• A step-by-step Help Document to walk you through the folders every step of the way

• A variety of recommended tools that will help make each section easier for you

• A Biography help sheet, plus an example bio, discography and press release

• A help document for running a Band Meeting

• A Profit & Loss Excel template for you to track your band’s cash flow

• Recommended support material folders for grants & funding and Visa applications

• A Gig Promotion Checklist

• A Pack-For-Tour Checklist

• An invoice template that you can personalise

• An excel template to plan Tour Itineraries

• A template to write your Setlists on

• Examples of Stage Plots and Tech Specs

• Help doc on writing Gig Worksheets, plus templates in both Excel and Word

• A template to write your band’s Set Times on to

• A template to write letters to Record Labels, Distro & Promoters

• An example Electronic Press Kit

• A help article on Merchandise

• A template for you to write your Merch Prices on for display at gigs

• An Excel template Merch Sales Tracker

• An Excel template Stocklist Tracker

• A template to save your band’s Email List

• A Song Recording Checklist Excel template

• A help doc on sending out CD Reviews, plus a letter template for you to send out and

an Excel Tracking Spreadsheet for the reviews you receive

• An example Music Video Storyboard

Yep, absolutely everything – Countless hours of fun!!!

BandTools - Band Management / Music Marketing / Digital Distribution