Band Resources

Here you will find a selection of online band resources that I recommend! All of them I have used or researched, so I put them here because I am confident in their ability to help make your band-life easier.  I am constantly updating this page too, so add it to your bookmarks for the next time you need to find a new tool!


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Band Resources featured on the show

Bandzoogle – Create easy and awesome websites for your band.

Distrokid – Streaming service to get your music on Spotify, Apple Music & more.

Hootsuite– An all in social media management tool to help make your social promo easy & effective.

Bandwerkz – Awesome online communication tool for your band members.

Canva – Amazingly easy online design platform that is great for bands.

Mailchimp – Great email marketing platform that is ideal for bands.

Bandcamp – A great music platform that allows you to upload your music to sell at a name-your-price option for your fans, integrates great with Bandzoogle websites too.

Instagram – A rapidly growing social media platform for pictures and video.

Survey Monkey – Find out what your fans really want through surveys.

NoiseTrade – Is an email address more valuable than a cd sale? You can sell your album here in exchange for customer data.

Airbnb – High quality accommodation on your band’s next tour, but at a cheap price!

Fiverr – Get help from Brendon to review your band’s online presence, write worksheets, fix your bio, and more.

DesignCrowd – A great way to get a top quality logo or merch design. Get multiple designs and choose your fav.

Amazon – Books, music, equipment, gifts, you name it.

This list is evergrowing, keep your eyes peeled!

Any cool band resources missing? Let me know!


Music Podcasts to check out

Claim The Throne Podcast – Run by members of the band giving real insights into how it all works for musicians.

Making Music Podcast – Run by Ash from Claim The Throne, with great info on audio & production.

Marketing Musician – Quick fire episodes with very solid music marketing info & band resources.

Music Biz Weekly – The latest events in music business, band resources and some interesting marketing techniques.

Music Marketing Manifesto – Music business, marketing, promotion, interviews & more.

CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast – Useful info for musicians with a focus on distribution.

Working Class Audio – Great interviews with fascinating guests, focusing on production & audio.

Music Marketing with Bob Baker – The latest in digital music news and marketing tips.

Band Aides – Interviews with industry professionals about interesting musician topics.

The Andy Social – An aussie muso on a quest to meet likeminded creative pro’s around the country.

Music Business Facts – Interviews with music professionals from around the world.

Musonomics – Info on the music business and culture.

Music Ally – The latest in digital music news.

Noise Creators – Speaking with musicians about their music.

Song Exploder – Musicians dissecting and reviewing each other’s songs.

ManageMental – Music business and ways to approach management.

Know any more? Let me know!


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Music Gear that I use

Ibanez RG 7 String Electric Guitar – I love 7 strings for the extra options and low tuned METAL sound.

Hughes & Kettner Tubeman – When you just need something basic to travel with, nothing beats this 3 channel 2kg tubed footswitch.

Kemper Profiling Amp – Great sounding digital amp profiler that is small and light, perfect for touring.

Peavey 5150 Guitar Cab – When weight isn’t an issue, these cabs have a sound like no other.

Behringer FCB1010 Midi Foot Controller – Flexible midi foot controller that links nicely with the Kemper.

Ibanez Classical – When you’re chilling out and need something to strum, this great nylon string is crazy cheap.

Ernie Ball 7-String Regular Slinky -Top quality strings at a cheap price.


I have linked the above products through Amazon – Great range, reliable suppliers, and priced great. I get a small commission when you do, so you’ll be helping BandTools too!


Live in the US? Follow the zZounds banner below to have a browse of their great range and search for the item you’ve been trying to find.



Audio Gear that I use (for home studio beginners)

Reaper – An easy home recording software that I use for capturing ideas, demo-ing songs and podcasting. Evaluation version is FREE, but of course a ‘name-your-price- donation is recommended if you keep using it.

Shure SM58S– World-reknowned sturdy microphone, for vocals and instruments.

Shure SM7B– Top quality smooth mic great for sudio vocals, narration and podcasting.

Rode Procaster– The perfect podcasting microphone.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2– Great interface for beginners, easy USB set up with options galore.

Steven Slate Drums– Drum programming with amazing sounds & super easy, plus pre loaded beats.