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Note: This page is regularly updated with new files and revisions. What goes in here is based on what I use in my music life, and the feedback I receive from YOU –

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Folder Package

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A pre-made folder set up with sub folders, so you can have everything saved in an organised way. Makes life easy when you can find stuff quickly. You can now pick and choose which items from the below database you wish to include – checklists, templates & examples.



Album Release Checklist

Gig Promotion Checklist

Pack-For-Tour Checklist

Social Media Post Ideas




Tour Itinerary Template – Excel

Gig Worksheet Template – Excel

Gig Worksheet Template – Word

Gig Set Times Template – Word

Gig Setlist Template – Word

Invoice Template – Word

Profit and Loss Template – Excel

Letter to Record Labels – Word

Letter to Reviewers – Word

Email List Template – Excel

Review Tracker Template – Excel

Merch Stock Tracker – Excel

Merch Pricelist Template – Word

Sales Tracker Template – Excel




Press Release Example – Album

Press Release Example – Event

Band Biography Example

Band Discography Example

Gig Stage Plot Example

Gig Tech Specs Example

Gig Worksheet Example – Excel

Gig Worksheet Template – Example

Music Video Storyboard – PDF



Help Articles

Band Meetings




Gig Worksheets




BandTools is based on teaching musicians to do things themselves, so the below items are done in conjunction with YOU, inclusive of spending personal time with you to TEACH you the skills for next time –

Information & Recommendations – Free for members!

Online Presence Review – Free for members!

Funding/Grant Applications (Australia only) – $250 (discount if not successful)

US VISA Applications – $250 + application fees

Creating a Tour Plan & Itinerary – $250

Website Set up – $100 + fees

Electronic Press Kit – $100

Send your music for reviews & radioplay – $100

Get your Songs on Streaming Services – $50 + fees

Social Media Set Up – $50

Create webstore – $50 + fees

APRA Royalties Set Up (Australia only) – $50

Press Releases – $50

Biography – $50

Create Email for your Mailing List – $20

Provide a list of record labels and how to submit demo – $10