Bandaidz is a new platform for bands in app format that focuses on the social aspect and delivering an opportunity for Artists to reach an audience that are interested in attending their gigs and perhaps meeting a new ‘special someone’ whilst they are at it.


Key things to know about Bandaidz

Mobile app on Apple and Google

Set up accounts for fans, bands, promoters and more

Fans located near the gig you announce will receive push notifications and update calendars

Meet other people who are in a similar proximity range, perhaps go to a nearby gig with them – A music dating experience

Fans watching a live gig can review the band they saw, receive a message from them, and even download their songs

Promoters can find bands available for gigs in certain areas and genres

Australia only, moving international next year.




How to get started

Free to sign up

Get info at, their Facebook page, or email

Download app in the Apple or Google Play stores.

Let them know you heard about it through BandTools!


Here’s a video from Justin’s band Be Faced!



Need more help with BandAidz from BandTools? Please reach out to us!

Templates, examples and guides are available in the BandTools database, to access visit our Patreon page to subscribe!


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