Merchr (with founder Jay Huxtable)

Merchr (with founder Jay Huxtable)

Merchr is a new platform for bands to sell clothing and CDs, with the added benefit of only paying for what you sell rather than having to place a bulk order. With a monthly subscription package, there are no other initial outlay costs or a minimum order, simply send your design to Merchr and they will stock it, then you get a cut of money each time your product is sold. This episode features an interview with founder of the platform, Jay Huxtable.


Key things to know about Merchr

Subscription model – Plans are $20, $30 or $50 per month with extra benefits for each tier

Bands are paid monthly and keep all revenue of the sale

Bands receive end-of-month reports with extensive sales data

No contracted length, cancel at any time

Overseas orders are fulfilled by local distributors meaning low shipping rates

Experiment with designs and sizes without having to order a full batch

All music genres, arts or entrepreneurs welcome to sign up

You can purchase your own shirts for cost price to take on tour with you to sell

Not just shirts, can be any type of merch and even CDs

Free streaming set up for Merchr bands, plus royalty collections

Referral program for bands, get a free month if you get a friend’s band to sign up



Tools mentioned in the episode

Mintees – Design community where artists give feedback about merch prints

Afterpay – A service that allows you to sell items and have them paid off in instalments



How to get started

Head to and send a message via the contact form.

Email Jay directly at

Let them know you heard about it through BandTools for your first month free!



Need more help with Merch from BandTools? Please reach out to us!

Templates, examples and guides are available in the BandTools database, to access visit our Patreon page to subscribe!


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