Music Video

Music Video

One of the best promotion methods for your band is music video. These days YouYube is a search engine of it’s own, and often people will hear your music here for the first time. Therefore you want to make an impact and take charge of your online video presence. Having a good music video show up at the top of YouTube searches can make all the difference, first impressions last.


Types of music videos

With a production company

DIY with your band and friends

Animation or lyric Videos

Live videos

Narrative based, concept based or performance based


How much does it cost

For amazing CGI – 20K +

For pro but budget – 5K to 10K

For upcoming talent looking for work 1-2K

DIY – Cost of camera hire


Save money by finding film students or talented friends who are eager to get their hands dirty.



Storyboard – Come up with an idea, whether it has a storyline & acting, or whether it’s just a playthrough. Get on to a Word doc and bullet point the ideas, arrange them into an order and refine. This is now essentially your scenes. Even the worst drawers can at least make some boxes and do really dodgy sketches. In each box write an approximate amount of time that you estimate the filming for that scene will take, add them up and get yourself a total timeframe.

Give this to your director and on the day do what they say and let them bring it to life.

Location – Choose somewhere to go that is going to fit the concept you’re going for. If it’s a simple playthrough, then a rehearsal room or someone’s lounge room will be fine. If it’s an epic story of nature then find a national park or nature area (get permission!). If it’s an elaborate plan with a big budget then look into filming studios that have green screens.

Extras – Do you know anyone who twirls fire, handles snakes. Think about your friends and if any of them can add to the impact for no extra cost.

On the day – Make sure you are communicating with your band members through the whole planning process, so there are no rude shocks on the day and everyone stays in good spirits. If it will take all day or multiple days, be aware of how many people will be there and provide food & drinks!


Editing is timely. Especially if you’re in a fast metal band and want strobe effects with a million flashing shots. Allow time and be patient with your editor. That being said, don’t let them slack off and keep in touch throughout the process, ask for updates.

Get band member feedback throughout the editing too. They will have good ideas and you want everyone to be happy with the final product.

There are some programs out there to make it easy to provide feedback. An example is, that lets users log in and write comments throughout the footage for the editor to action. Failing that, just get a word doc and when you have a change request, write the time on the video and what you want.



Promotion for music video

Youtube Searches


Social Media

Event pages

Press kits

Film a behind-the-scenes

TV shows, such as Rage



Need more help with music video from BandTools? Please reach out to us!

Templates, examples and guides are available in the BandTools database, to access visit our Patreon page to subscribe!


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