Booking Flights

Booking Flights

When your band is on a tour where driving isn’t possible, booking flights for musicians becomes a big deal. Balancing cheap prices with good times and sufficient luggage is essential for efficiency in the air.


Where to begin with booking flights for musicians

Write an itinerary – Figure out your dates and know what times you need to arrive/depart

Discuss with your band mates to confirm availabilities and preferences. Get scans of their passports and frequent flyer numbers, you’ll need this stuff when booking.

Have a quick look on a central site like eDreams, Expedia, Skyscanner, Kayak, then see which airlines look cheaper and if there are any sales (sign up to I Know The Pilot)

Check those individual airlines websites to compare prices with the other sites

Check any additional costs of cheap flights, such as checked baggage, seats, credit cards


Things to ask yourself when selecting a flight

Will you arrive to the next City in time? What if there are flight delays?

Will you be awake early enough after a gig to catch the next flight? Know what time check-in closes.

How far is the airport from the venue? Will you need a van or public transport?

Will you need accommodation?


Once Booked

Write them down. Create a tour itinerary spreadsheet so all details in one place.

Share it with your band members and plan your trip to the airport



Hand luggage – One cabin bag approx 7kg, 50c x 40cm x 25cm and one personal item such as laptop. Guitarists can use this for pedals/smallheads and drummers a snare or pedals. Fit as much clothes as you can here too, because you’ll need your checked baggage for equipment.

Checked baggage – One piece, can vary from approx 20-30kg. So for guitarists you’re done. Drummers might be cymbal bag, keyboardists a keyboard. Plus a merch bag for the band and banner if you use one.

Extra checked baggage through music agencies (ie APRA, WAM). If you can tee this up, then it makes life a whole lot easier.

What does extra baggage cost? Anywhere from $25 for first bag, up to $100 for additional pieces. A rude shock at the airport, avoid it.




Passport or ID

Guitar tuner & picks

Spare strings, leads, sticks, batteries

Extension leads and power boards

Power converter when overseas, and wattage converter

Gaffer tape and pens

Try this checklist >>> Pack-For-Tour Checklist


Need more help with booking flights for musicians from BandTools? Please reach out to us!

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