Customer Service

Customer Service

You might not have thought to include this in your promotion plan to attract new fans, but customer service for bands is an incredibly important concept in order to retain existing fans, build brand loyalty, and help potential customer trust you when enquiring about making a purchase. Whilst the prospect of reaching heaps of people is tempting, never underestimate the power of looking after your current fanbase. Just like any business, you can offer promotions and sales to bring in as many new customers as you want, but unless you can get some of those customers to come back, your business won’t be profitable for long.


How to deliver great customer service for bands


Social Media

Reply to emails, from both fans and industry professionals. Be quick and provide the info they are after. If you have a tour coming up and venues are asking for a web flyer, send it quickly. If you’re pressing some CDs and they need you to send over the wav files, send them quickly. If a fan wants to know the size difference between small and medium, make a joke about their weird question but answer it as best you can to encourage the sales. No one wants to deal with slow unhelpful bands, and word travels fast.

Respond to Facebook messages. If a fan wants to know when you are playing in their city, then talk to them to thank them for the support, and why not ask them to put you in touch with a promoter in their area.. Also this stat now publicly displays on Facebook to show how quick you are to reply.

‘Like’ & reply to your fans comments on your posts. If they have taken the time to comment on something, you can easily write thanks for the support or whatever, and it also makes the post appear much more engaged with extra comments.

Retweet if someone tags you on Twitter. More action on your posts the better, and keep people encouraged to tag you again.




When you receive an order online, send that person an email to acknowledge their purchase and say thanks. It’s the least you can do when they are spending money on your stuff. Feel free to ask them to share your band with their friends, nothing beats a good bit of word of mouth.

Throw in bonus items such as stickers or magnets to online merch orders. These cost you stuff all, but makes all the difference to someone opening the mailbox. A nice gesture goes a long way.

Write personalised ‘thankyou’ notes to slip into online merch orders. Or even sign something. People will really appreciate you’ve made the effort and will be inclined to order from you again.




At Gigs

Be aware of what your fans want. Include songs on the setlists that you know they will like, and perform your hardest each and every time. Regardless of the crowd size, the attendees deserve to see your best show, and perhaps there are industry pros watching somewhere.

Learn people’s names. If a fan comes to you for a conversation, take the time to meet them and remember them next time.

Take photos with your fans if they ask. They’ll show it to people and maybe tag you on their social pages. Good exposure, and fans love when their idols turn out to be kind & friendly. It can backfire if you’re rude.

Be at the merch booth and interact with people who buy things, thank them and give them bonus items like stickers. Maybe they’ll show their friend who will then want to buy something too.

Offer the upsell. If someone is considering buying two items, give them 5 bucks off. If they are umming and ahhing about getting the CD, offer them a free download code with it.



A few DOs with customer service for bands


Listen to feedback and complaints, take it on board for next time.

Be helpful. Provide info, help other bands, make music suggestions for your fans

Train your band members to do the same

Put contact details on your website and social pages, encourage the feedback

Do ignore unreasonable requests, like people guilting you to send free things in the mail, or constant harassing messages.



A few DONTs with customer service for bands


Don’t make promises if you can’t keep them

Don’t take advantage of people.

Don’t take your fans for granted

Don’t blanket invite people to your event pages if they aren’t in that City.

Don’t get angry if you get bad feedback or a bad review, it only makes you look worse



Need more help with customer service from BandTools? Please reach out to us!

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