Reviews, Interviews, Radioplay

Reviews, Interviews, Radioplay

No matter how many high-level marketing strategies you try, finding and impressing potential fans can be done by easy music promotion. At the end of the day it comes down to two things – Recording awesome songs and honest credible promotion. Reviews, interviews and radioplay are three old-school music marketing pieces of gold that are often overlooked by the modern musician, so let’s take a step back and recap how these tools work.


Why is it important

Credibility – Webzines have already gained a reputation and music fans trust what they say. If they are reviewing your album and say it is awesome, then people will be sure to give you a try. They are an independent source that is telling fans about your music without it coming from you.

Exposure – Webzines already have a huge following. Fans know their name, read their websites and get their mailouts. They can get your name to way more people than you can.

Promotion – By having links to places that are talking about your band, it gives you a whole collection of stuff you can use for easy music promotion without having to link your fans to the same old videos and boring links. If you played a gig last week, you cant really keep talking about it again and again, but if a new live review pops up then this is something that you can share.

Word of Mouth – Have you heard about word of mouth marketing? It’s when you fans are promoting your music better than you are. That is the ultimate music marketing goal. Get your fans requesting your songs on radio, sharing your interview links and commenting on review posts from other independent webzines.

Reach – Not everyone is on Facebook. Not everyone is on Spotify. Believe it or not, there is still a huge potential fanbase out there who listen to radio and read street press. They want to know about your band. Reach them.

Free – Easy music promotion that doesn’t cost you a cent! (apart from postage…)


How to find places

Know your scene – If you are a metal band, then you should know about metal radio shows in your area, metal websites, and wherever metal people find new music. Your fans are just like you.

Internet research – If you’re a hip hop artist, type ‘hip hop reviews’ into Google and start compiling a list. How about searching ‘hip hop radio’ and seeing what comes up.

Print media – Magazines are still a thing, send your music around the world and see if they will give you a small feature.

Other bands – If you’re a punk band, see what other punk bands are doing. Go to their social media, go to their websites, and see where they are getting their band promoted. Add these places to your list.

Think outside the box – Newspapers are still a thing, local journalists like to hear about members of the community doing cool things, ask them for an interview.


What to submit

Check with every place – Go to their website and check their ‘contact’ or ‘about’ pages. Or call them. See how they like people to contact them. They will tell you what they want, do as they say.

Physical – CD in the mail with a cover letter, press release, and promo items.

Digital – MP3s in a Dropbox folder, send them a friendly email with the link.

EPK – Attractive electronic press kit, with streaming, pictures and all relevant info. Again, send a nice personalised email with the link to your page.


How will I know when they do it

Watch them – Keep an eye on their websites and listen to their shows, you might actually enjoy it! Follow up with them if you need to, but be respectful and don’t be a punisher.

They will tell you – Sometimes they’ll send you an email, they want you to promote them to!

Pre determined date – If it’s to coincide with an album release or tour, why not tee up a date with them so you can tell your fans to tune into the show to hear your new unreleased song or find out where you’re performing next!


How to promote

Share – Social media and websites, you know the drill! Easy music promotion.

Email Lists – You know I love mailling lists. When you send out your next one, include quotes, scores and links to all your latest reviews. Remind them where they can order your album from!

Pre Release Streaming – Some websites will stream your album a few weeks before release date, good way to build the hype!

Pre Release Radio – Send exclusive tracks to different radio shows so they are the only ones playing certain songs. Fans will tune into the one and only place they can hear the song. Good for them, good for you.

Tour Interviews – Do this in areas you are headed to. Country band playing in Antarctica? Then Google “Antarctica Country Radio” and get them to introduce you to their listeners!

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