BandTools – Let’s kick it up a notch

BandTools – Let’s kick it up a notch

Twenty BandTools podcast episodes in and going strong. Time to get the listeners involved and provide more resources on what YOU want.


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What is BandTools?

BandTools is a podcast and online resource that discovers the best online tools for bands & musicians, whilst providing helpful hints & tips for DIY band management & marketing along the way.

The weekly podcast covers a different tool every week, explaining what it is, how it works for bands, how to use it, and tips on using it effectively.

The website is an online musician resource in the making. There are recommendations throughout the site on all sorts of band-related tools, but the highlight is the package that has a pre-made set of folders to allow for easy DIY band management. Each folder contains templates, examples and instructions on every aspect of running your own band. This package has been free until now, but it’s time for an overhaul!


What’s new after 20 episodes

The next 10 episodes will be about topics and concepts, rather than specific tools

Call in and get a free BandTools t-shirt, posted anywhere in the world!

Free folders and templates download is gone

BandTools Database has arrived, keep reading

Patreon, keep reading

No mailing list signup, only a focused monthly mailout for subscribers


Why Patreon?

First things first, you don’t owe me anything. I am thrilled to hear people are enjoying the show and never expected so much interest, but I started it as a passion and will continue to do so. People have contacted me asking how they can support the show, how they can get coaching, how they can contribute.. It’s all a bit messy on the website and hard for me to suggest anything solid, but now I can direct them to something that is easy.

To go a bit further, here are a few more reasons behind it;

Confirmation of interest – If people are subscribing, then I know you are enjoying the content and I will continue to be motivated to make the best resource that I can!

Money – My day job allows me to pay for a computer, gear, website, hosting, podcast, and all that stuff.. But with a bit of extra coin I can make the website WAY better and podcast WAY better. Premium website themes, nicer sounding audio gear, stuff like that.

Promotion – I want to reach more people with BandTools. Online advertising will benefit to find the musicians out there who have the potential to succeed but just need a bit of help.

Merch – I want to keep giving away free t-shirts to people who call in to the show!

Worth – The stuff I have put together in this BandTools database is 10+ years of work rolled into one pretty package. As much as I love giving it away for free, I just feel like i’m selling myself short. A few bucks a month would be super rewarding.

Test dummy – The whole concept of BandTools is about trying online resources for musicians and providing quality info to make their life easier. I want to give Patreon a shot and let you know what it’s like. If it fails, we’ll analyse the reasons why!


What’s in the BandTools Database?

Folders – A pre-made folder set up, so you can have everything saved in an organised way.

Checklists – So you don’t forget anything when releasing an album, promoting a gig, packing for tour, and ideas for what to post on social media

Templates – For when you need to make gig worksheets, tour itineraries, invoices, letters to labels and reviewers, merch stocklists and much more. No need to start from scratch when the template is there.

Examples – See how other bands write bios, press releases, discographies, worksheets and more, to give you an idea of what you’re aiming for.

Articles – Get help with things like merch, reviews, writing a bio and running band meetings

Extras – For a premium price, extras are offered to subscribers only, such as grant applications, VISA applications, building websites, writing press releases, streaming and ISRC codes, plus tons more.


What’s in the Monthly Premium Emails?

You may have noticed there is no email list signup form on the website. I want to create content that is specifically dedicated to a positive community, rather than spammy stuff that cover broad things that don’t really help anyone. These are personal and based on what you need to help you learn.

Music marketing and band management tips that are more detailed than the podcast, the latest in music industry news, and ways to help you better your band whilst keeping you on top of what is going on in the real world.

Give you feedback to BandTools – Click here to complete a quick anonymous survey!


Sign up to the BandTools community at the BandTools Patreon Page!


Any questions? Please reach out to us!




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