Parlour Gigs – Book and Perform at House Shows

Parlour Gigs – Book and Perform at House Shows

Good music venues can sometimes be few and far between, shows can be hard to get, and payments can be slim after a lot of hard work, so if you want to try something different you can book and perform house shows with Parlour Gigs.


What is Parlour Gigs

An Australian based website, connecting musicians and hosts to bring live music into homes. It gives music fans the chance to further support local artists, and musicians a way of playing more unique shows whilst gaining an additional revenue stream. The idea is to cut out the middle men, like an AirBnB or Uber of music concerts.



Choose a featured Artist and apply to host, or request to book any emerging artist signed up with Parlour

The venue is the host’s house, they look after the event page & invite whoever they want

The host can choose any space, such as backyard, garage, lounge room, bedroom, kitchen, etc

The house address is not published online. Only attendees will receive this information.

One act shows only, no support bands

One hour sets on average

Promote through normal gig channels, or keep it intimate with friends & family via Parlour

Free to host, but you need to sell tickets to pay for the artist

Ticket prices are calculated by the artist’s fee divided by the host’s capacity.

If not enough ticket sales are sold, the host can open the event up to the public, pay the extra difference, or ask the artist to perform for less. It may also be cancelled as a last resort.

Capacity is based on the home size

The host can set ‘BYO’ and ‘Bring a Plate’ options, or they can provide refreshments

The host should provide food & drink for the Artist

Parlour Gigs provide public liability insurance

Check with Council for noise allowance



Artist earns a minimum of $300. Established artists can charge more

Parlour gigs take 20%

ABN is required for payment. Bank transfer within 14 days after gig.

Selling merch is allowed for no fee

Supply own equipment and PA

Artists are responsible for their own insurances

Artists can bring one +1



How to book and perform house shows with Parlour Gigs

Sign up and create a profile.

Create your Artist page.

Share the page through social channels & website



Check it out for free at!


Want help from BandTools? Please reach out to us!




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