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Getting your songs on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music & more has never been easier with Distrokid music streaming services. In today’s music world it is important to expand outside just CDs and Vinyl to reach more listeners, and Distrokid is a great option to do it cheaply and easily.


What is Distrokid

An online platform that bands & musicians can use to put their music into online stores & streaming services. For an annual fee and optional extras, they collect royalties & payments on the band’s behalf, and send 100% of the earnings to artists. The artist retains 100% ownership of all songs uploaded via the platform.


How to save 40% on your first year with Distrokid!!!

1 Go to this link – https://distrokid.com/vip/seven/681311 (I will earn 5 bucks)

2 Sign up, but dont enter any payment details and close the window

3 The next day you will get an email offering 35% off, ignore it

4 The next day you will get an email offering 40%, follow the links, enter your payment info & get started!

5 For extra instructions or info, check my site at www.bandtoolshq.com/distrokid



Gets your music to stores such as iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal & more.

Statistics and reports that are easy to understand

Can generate ISRC codes for royalty payments if you don’t already have them

Option to legally upload cover songs


Compared to other music streaming platforms

There are other great platforms around that offer similar streaming services, such as CD Baby, Tunecore, Reverbnation. Distrokid currently stands out from the pack for emerging artists due to;

  • Cheapest price with option to add on extras
  • Priced per account, not per album. Unlimited uploads for the one price.
  • Claim to be the fastest service to get your music into stores

Be sure to check out the benefits of the more expensive services by reading their websites or subscribing to BandTools Podcast for future episodes.


How to do it / Tips to maximise effectiveness

Create an account at Distrokid by clicking here then enter an email address and password.

Choose your preferred account option outlined below. BandTools recommends option 2;

1 – $19.99 per year for one artist and unlimited songs

2 – $35.99 per year for two artists and unlimited songs, plus stats & customisation options

3 – $79.99 per year for a label set up with 5+ artists

*RAD TIP* Upon signing up, don’t enter any credit card info and close the window. Wait a day, and you will get an email offering you a 35% discount. Wait another day, and get offered a 40% discount! Then you can snap it up.
*NOTE* If you already have digital distribution through another service and wish to transfer, then remove your music from the other services first. Sometimes the stats will carry over but not always, so be prepared to start fresh.

Once you’ve snagged your deal and logged into your account, it’s time to upload your music by following these steps;

Click the Upload link up the top

Choose what stores you want your songs in (all of them yeh?)

How many songs you have (ie x tracks for a full album). This will populate the upload area.

Enter your band name and find it if it already exists in something like Spotify. While you’re at it, verify your Spotify artist page by clicking here for the BandTools instructions.

Select a release date. This means you can have everything scheduled and ready to go in advance.

Type in your record label name or write something like Independent. If you are already signed to a record label, make sure you check with them first about your digital distribution!

Upload your album cover. Make sure it is at least 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels. If it is smaller, you can enlarge it in a free tool such as Canva, check out BandTools guide to Canva by clicking here.

Choose the two most relevant genres for your music. This will help to categorize it appropriately in each streaming site.

Type in your song titles for every song and upload the audio file for each song. Use the best quality WAV or MP3 that you have. Check with the person who recorded your tunes, or listen to my mate’s audio podcast over at MakingMusicPodcast.com for advice.

*NOTE* Use ISRC codes to maximise your royalty payments. This stands for International Standard Recording Code. If you already have this from another service provider, make sure you enter it when uploading songs. If not, Distrokid can generate codes for you, use them when you put your music elsewhere.


Now you can choose any added extras, similar to a budget airline! If you’re a standard independent band just trying to get your name out there, then I don’t see the need to select any of these options.

Tick the four agreement boxes and submit by clicking DONE!

Keep an eye on Spotify and iTunes for your release. It can take anywhere from a day to a week, unless you specified a release date.

Once it’s out you should promote it, good luck!


Want help from BandTools? Please reach out to us!



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