Wikipedia for musicians – Get correct info online

Wikipedia for musicians – Get correct info online

There is information overload on the internet about every topic known to man, especially with Wikipedia for musicians, but it’s not always 100% accurate. When people search your band on Google, what will they find? It is important to do regular test searches, and you will find that Wikipedia results are always near the top. Whilst it’s awesome that anyone can put information on a website such as this, it also means that the public are in control of what is displayed about your band.


What is Wikipedia

A web based free-content encyclopaedia with openly edible content. Wiki refers to a way of creating collaborative websites. There are lots of policies and procedures for adding and editing content, however it is not a formal requirement to be familiar with them before contributing.

Great for bands because it is an unbiased site that means it can be perceived as more credible, and you don’t even need to create yourself. Wikipedia always ranks highly in search results, and there are plenty of links that mean people can stumble across your band quite easily. However, being that anyone can update your page, means that the information won’t always be correct.

It’s important to keep an eye on your page every so often. You can start by googling your band name, see what comes up, check if you’ve got a Wikipedia page or not, and update it appropriately.

Let’s look at how to maximise the effectiveness of a page on Wikipedia for musicians.


BandTools guide on how to make a good page on Wikipedia for musicians

1 Check if it’s appropriate for your band to have a page – Click here for the guidelines

2 Create an account. It’s easy to register, you’ll find a link in the top right corner

3 Check there’s not already a page set up for your band, simply search your name in the top right box

4 If your search does not have a result, it will say Create the page “Red-linked Text You Searched For” on this wiki! Click that! Note: If your band name exists as something else, like Beatles could also be an insect, then try searching your band name with (band) afterwards. 

5 Click the blue Sandbox link on your right. This is a built-in ‘drawing board’ where you can write in private.

6 Now you can experiment with making your page without it going live yet. Write a little introduction, like the band name, genre and hometown. Then a bigger ‘body’ for the article, like the highlights from your biography.

7 Click ‘Show Preview’ at the bottom to check what it looks like. If you want to make changes, then go back to the editing area and do so. If you’re happy, then click ‘Submit your draft for review!’

8 Consider these points to increase the chance of your page being approved, and to make it look awesome;

  • Use references. In the bottom right corner of the edit box, there is a link that says Cite Your Sources. Click the blue code next to something you want to reference, and paste a web link that proves your case. If you say your album was popular, then cite a cd review to prove it. Wikipedia is not intended as a promotional tool. No sales pitches here, be clever about what you write. You can’t say “this band IS awesome”, you can say “this band is recognised as one of the most important bands of it’s kind”, but you need to provide a reference to prove it.
  • Use links. If you supported a well-known band, then write their name, highlight it, click the hyperlink paperclip logo at the top of the edit box, and link it to their wiki page.
  • Add pictures. Upload by clicking the square picture logo up the top.
  • Include current members and past members, discographies, links – All this sort of detail
  • Check out other band’s pages and link your own band in where appropriate.
  • Once you get the hang of the coding and wiki-talk, then check out wikipedia templates such as this one, and see if you can get your page looking sweet. If it’s too hard, don’t worry, keep your page basic and share it with your fans, they will update it for you!

If your band page already exists and has been created by someone else, you can still edit and monitor it as if it were your own. Simply click the ‘Edit Source’ tab at the top of the page, make the required edits, then click ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom!


How to sign up and price

Wikipedia for musicians is totally free at, but if you’re a regular user why not contribute with a small donation!


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