Spotify – Streaming your music for the masses

Spotify – Streaming your music for the masses

Music streaming is officially the most popular form of music consumption. With over 100 million users on Spotify alone, it is easy to see that streaming is the music industry’s fastest growing revenue source. This has been helped by the increase in smart phones, better internet connections, ease of accessibility and affordable pricing.


What is Spotify

A music streaming platform where users can stream songs online, save to play offline and discover new music through personalised recommendations.


How to get your music on spotify

1. If you are signed to a record label, it is likely they will do this for you

2. If you are not signed to a label, you can do this via an artist aggregator. Some platforms include CD Baby, Tunecore, Reverbnation, and many more. They generally charge a fee around $20-$50 a year and will distribute your music through a variety of streaming channels, supplying you with monthly reports and royalties.


How to get a claim your page as a verified artist

In the past you could not verify your artist account until you reach 250 followers, but not anymore!

Once verified, you get a blue check next to your name, can edit band photo, edit biography, list tourdates and sell merch.

Step 1 – Make sure you have a personal Spotify Account

Step 2 – Head to the Spotify for Artists page here

Step 3 – Submit the required information. This essentially just includes proof of identity and proof that you have permission to undertake activity for the band. It used to be much more intricate than it is now.

You now have access to Fan Insights which gives you all the info you need about your page (Note: Starting May 2017 you can manage your playlists directly from the Fan Insights page).

It can vary between a few days or a few weeks until you are verified.


Interesting Promotional Ideas

Embed playlist on your band’s website

Links and shares on social media

Contact playlist owners to get your music on their playlist for exposure

Create your own playlists and include your band on them

Create playlists to promote your gigs & tours, featuring the bands you are playing with

Stream your own songs, leave them on mute every night, the playcount will add up quickly


How much will you be paid for streaming on Spotify

There is no fixed price per song that you will be paid, but it is instead based on the number of artist streams as a proportion of total songs streamed on Spotify. Approximately 70% of the revenue is distributed to artists/aggregators/labels.

The most popular subscription for fans is the Premium account that costs $9.99US per month (comparable to a Netflix subscription). As of March 2017, Spotify reached 50 million paying users, so at 70% of revenue we’re looking at somewhere around $300,000,000US per month to be shared amongst artists. In reality, research has shown that it works out to around $0.005 per stream. That sounds terrible right? Maybe, but just remember there is potential to reach a lot of people (and in an ideal world, these people will come to your gigs and buy your shirts). In comparison to physical sales, if you sell a CD for $20 and that buyer plays it 100 times then it works out to around $0.02 – More per play, but capped at the initial $20, and far less reach.

Let’s figure out a hypothetical to give a real idea of what is possible for a DIY independent band with an average following;

You get 1,000 people listening to your 10-song album once a week = $50 per week

You get a song on a playlist with 25,000 followers and they all stream the song once a week = $125 per week

You start your own playlist and get 1,000 followers who stream once a week = $5 per week

So if you can manage the above, that’s a consistent $180 per week. Plus the extra merch sales. Plus live gigs. Not too shabby.




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