Bandcamp – Stream and sell music & merch online

Bandcamp – Stream and sell music & merch online

Like it or not, streaming is steadily taking over the music world, so it’s time to learn how to use Bandcamp. CD sales have been declining for years as fans have figured out how to download torrents and leak youtube clips for free. Since the industry has become accepting of this change in behaviour, dedicated music streaming platforms have arisen and are finding ways to make it easier for fans to access the music they want to hear, whilst the artist can still obtain control and be financially rewarded for their work.


What is Bandcamp

An online platform where bands can create a store to stream and sell both digital and physical products, and fans can have direct access to their favourite artists through desktop and mobile. Tune in to the BandTools podcast to learn how to use Bandcamp.


Interesting Features

Name your price feature

Add additional items

Discount Codes

Pre-ordering capabilities – Give away one song when the fan pre orders, then on release day it automatically appears in their collection



Selling Digital? You don’t need to go to the post office! Simply sell in your sleep and be informed by email, cha-ching!

Fans are spending over 5 million dollars per month on Bandcamp, good signs for the artists

Real time statistics – See what your most popular songs are, who’s playing them, and where they are linked online

Fans can try before they buy, being able to stream a certain amount for free, then being prompted to purchase for unlimited access

SEO – Search engine optimisation that always appears highly in Google

Reports to music charts and royalty collectors worldwide

Easy to use and customise your page

Weekly and Discover Options are on the rise for fans using the platform to find out about your band


Cons / Limitations

Make sure you’re files are top quality before uploading, you’ll need some basic audio knowledge

Can take away from your physical sales, so be ready for that

Legal stuff can be confusing at times – Make sure your record label doesn’t have concerns, check with them first


How to sign up and price

Create a free account at

Bandcamp Pro is available for a fee to those that need it



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