Mailchimp – Create email lists to reach your fans

Mailchimp – Create email lists to reach your fans

Social media promotion can only be so effective, so BandTools recommends Mailchimp for bands. Social media wont always reach all of your potential fans, and is generally only seen by whoever is online at the time, plus there’s heaps of distractions. Email lists are great because you can capture info on your fans in one central place, and you can easily keep them up to date with emails that are exclusively about your band, that they can open and read at their leisure.


What is Mailchimp

A DIY email marketing platform that makes it easy for beginners to look pro. It is a place to collect your fans email addresses, store them in an organised way, and promote with a good-looking email to send directly to the right people. Strongly consider using Mailchimp for bands.


Interesting Features

Segment your mailing list into geographical locations. Send to people in certain areas when you go on tour, or send to everyone when you have a new album.

Export your mailing list to use in other platforms, or easily link across Google/Facebook/Twitter etc.

Ready-made plug ins and widgets to have signup forms on your band’s website




Flexible design, make your email as crazy or as simple as you like

Create templates to easily change the info each time you send a campaign

Great reporting features to see how many people opened your email and what they clicked on

Send emails from your band name, and replies go to an email address of your choice

Scheduling feature allows you to draft an email and send it out automatically at a specified time.


Cons / Limitations

When updating existing templates/campaigns, it is easy to miss things and accidently resend outdated information from previous mailouts.

Tempting to over-promote and annoy people leading to them unsubscribing.

Taking unwarrented email addresses and harrassing people


How to sign up and price

Head to and sign up with your email address

Totally FREE to get started. There is a paid upgrade for professionals if you need it.





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