Canva – Easy DIY art & design for musicians

Canva – Easy DIY art & design for musicians

Say goodbye to outsourcing your band’s promotional art, Canva offers a free online built-in tool that is easier than photoshop and allows bands to create their own designs to look super pro in the blink of an eye!

Some ideas for musicians to create on Canva – Concert posters & flyers, facebook thumbnails and cover layouts, twitter profile pic, instagram pictures, merch designs, business cards, stickers, website layouts, press kits, label applications, review requests, all sorts of promo pack ideas…..


What is Canva

A free online design tool that takes the ease of Microsoft Paint and combines it with some of the highlights of Photoshop. Full of templates and suggested design ideas that you can use whilst also uploading your own pictures to make world class professional designs to improve your band’s image online and offline.


Interesting Features

Personal Account – Open a free account that allows you to save and edit all of your designs whenever you need to

Templates – Select ready made designs specific for the layout you require, or use custom dimensions with a blank project that will fit perfectly into whatever you need the design for

Backgrounds – Select a pre-made colour/texture or upload your own

Text – Easy to add writing to your design, with plenty of fonts and styles to choose from

Elements – Add shapes, frames, icons, and much more great ideas to improve your design super fast

Layers – Once you have everything in your design, you can overlap text with pictures and easily move everything around to customise it all exactly how you want

Uploads – BYO band logo, live photos, album art and intertwine it with Canva’s own elements to make a very professional design that is truly your band’s own.

Export – Easily convert your design to JPG, PNG, PDF or whatever



Saves time and money for bands to do things themselves.

Even the most computer-illiterate musician can make themselves look pro.

Edit concert posters throughout the promo process, ie add things like “sold out” or “new band announced” as things change before the event.



Don’t expect to create top quality album artwork, stick to artists and pro designers for that.

Doesn’t have the high end design capabilities of Photoshop, but if youre that way inclined im sure you already have Photoshop.

Some of the coolest items have a payment required, but honestly there is more than enough free stuff.


How to sign up and price

Just go to and log in by connecting with facebook or email address. Follow them on Facebook for all the latest.

Totally FREE unless you want the top end paid features



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