BandWerkz – Improving Communication With Your Band Members

BandWerkz – Improving Communication With Your Band Members

Being able to chat with your band members, all at the same time and all in one place, can be one of the most important ways to achieve goals and maximise happiness amongst the group. When you are offered a gig, choosing merch designs, sharing new songs – It’s not productive to make 5 phone calls every time, the way to do it is to have one central area that everyone can be involved in.


What is Bandwerkz

Imagine a platform like Facebook, specifically created for musicians, and only for your band members.



Interesting Features

Chat feed – Have discussions with your band mates in a similar format as Facebook. One person starts a comment thread, and others can reply underneath.

Calendar – Put in all of your gigs/jams/photoshoots/catchups to plan ahead and not forget any important dates. Can be linked directly with Google Calendar

Venues – Log details of all the the venues you play at, so they can be easily selected next time you play there and keep records of your show history

Songs – Add a status to all of your songs, ie ready to play or need to learn. You can add songs to the ‘suggested’ list for other band members to vote on whether to add them to the setlist or not.

Setlists – Easily build and track setlists with song lengths saved

Weekly email – Band members get an email each Monday with reminders of all the latest happenings



Has all the communication benefits of Facebook & Google all in one place.

Be in more than one band at a time with only one login

Sign-up as a ‘fill in’ and look for bands to join



People are already used to Facebook – Could be hard convincing all your band members to regularly access it.

Still in Beta mode, limited support.

No dedicated app, but the mobile site is ok


How to sign up and price

Totally FREE

Head to and follow the page on Facebook

Each band member needs to create their own account. Have one main administrator, who can set up the ‘band’ and send invites to each member.




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