Bandzoogle – Website builder for bands with music website templates

Bandzoogle – Website builder for bands with music website templates

Find out why your band needs a website and consider the website builder Bandzoogle!


With the emergence of so many free social platforms available, bands and musicians are becoming reliant on these tools as their main home base rather than create a music website that is specific to them. Whilst this strategy may work in some cases, I am a firm believer in having a separate band website to coincide with your social media presence, and will go into detail of some of the reasons below and on the podcast. I will also touch on band website design and suggest the best website builder for musicians.


Why does my band need a website?

  • Stand out from the crowd.

You can personalise your website, but every band’s Facebook looks the same. Brand yourself rather that advertise a 3rd party social media site.

  • Look professional

You control what information is on your website. If you are approaching labels, promoters, radio etc then you can choose what photo they see, what songs they hear, plus have your bio and discography all there is one place making it easy for them. You can also create awesome Electronic Press Kits (EPK) for industry professionals.

  • You own the address (ie .COM)

This means your fans can always find you online and it opens up options with SEO (search engine optimisation).

  • No Distractions

Visitors wont be sidetracked by videos of cute dogs or other social media distractions. They are focused on you, and you have the chance to direct them wherever you want (merch store, mailing list, tour dates etc)

  • Stats & Analytics

Know exactly how many visitors are coming to your page, what countries they are from, where they found your web address, are they clicking through from your mailing list etc

  • Sell more

Official home pages have a much higher conversion rate than social media. Once they are at your website it[‘s far easier getting them to your merch store and your mailing list.

  • Store info on your band

Your website will archive everything you put in there, so you will always have access to what gigs you have played over the years, what reviews you’ve received, what news updates you’ve made etc.

  • Stability and confidence in the future

Social media sites come and go. Look at Myspace a few years ago, once that became obsolete a lot of hard work was lost by a lot of bands. Your website will always remain safe.


What is Bandzoogle?

Website builder specifically designed for musicians. Similar to a WordPress, Squarespace, Wix etc – But with the focus on bands.

Interesting Features

100+ preset but customisable themes to choose from, and it’s mobile friendly!

Stream/Sell music through a merch store and digital downloads!

Embed youtube videos, Bandcamp players & spotify playlists!

News page in blog-style (good for SEO). Plus you can host a podcast!

Gigs/events listing, able to share on social media and sell tickets!

Built-in widgets like instagram photo galleries & social media links. Plus use your own with HTML!

Multiple editing options, with drag and drop text or visual editing!


Paypal donation buttons!



Easy to use all round and user friendly dashboard.

Integrated merch store so you don’t need an extra one (ie big cartel, indie merch).

Your own .com so you don’t need extra domain/hosting costs,

Helpful support from musicians & ITgurus available 7 days a week, plus a community forum,

Build an awesome Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and password protected pages



Email not included but can add on for $10 more with list management and reports.

Mailing List mailouts not quite as good as mailchimp/aweber but will likely improve over time.

Reports & stats probably not as top notch as something like WordPress


How to sign up & Price

Head to and their Facebook page is super helpful too!

Get a 30 day FREE trial. Then packages range from $8.29 a month to 16.95 a month


And I’m always available for any questions or advice, just comment below!


Click here to get your free trial now!
Bandzoogle: band websites that work



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