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PodcastsPodcasts are becoming more and more popular in today’s world for learners and entertainers alike, but musicians aren’t quite capitalising on it’s potential yet. In today’s episode I chat with Andy, host of the Andy Social and Self Starter podcasts about how podcasts work, and why musicians should be getting involved.   What is a... Read More »

File Sharing

File SharingMusic artists always need to share private music and info with other musicians, promoters, record labels and businesses, so we need to know the most appropriate file sharing platforms. File sharing is needed when getting promo photos or video clips done, when pressing CDs, getting logos or artwork, or even sending demo songs to your... Read More »

5 Best Online Tools for Musicians when first starting out

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SoundcloudIn today’s DIY musician environment we are blessed with an array of online platforms offering unique takes on music sharing to give artists options on the most suitable tools for them to use.   What is Soundcloud SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform that enables its users to upload, promote, and share audio.  ... Read More »

Maty Eichorn (BandTools Member)

Maty Eichorn (BandTools Member)Hearing from active DIY musicians is a great way for other musicians to learn whilst getting inspired and motivated. Maty Eichorn was the first to sign up as BandTools member, and now on episode 50 we get an insight into his music life, projects, favourite tools & tips.   Maty Eichorn’s music projects Coffee &... Read More »


ReverbNationFinding social platforms outside of Facebook & Instagram can be important for musicians, especially if there are dedicated music platforms such as Reverbnation. Music sites that are also used by fans make the potential even greater.   What is ReverbNation ReverbNation is an online platform that provides tools and opportunities for musicians to manage their songs... Read More »

Recruiting Band Members

Recruiting Band MembersYou’ve got an idea in mind, songs written and ambitions, but you need band members to come along for the ride. It’s not easy finding the right people, a balance of musicianship and personality is a must.   Where to find members? Local scene Poach/Search & Approach Social Media Online Forums Ads at rehearsal studios... Read More »

Lyrics – How to write lyrics to your songs and what to do with them

Lyrics – How to write lyrics to your songs and what to do with themIn most cases a song is not finished until the lyrics are written, and for some that is a daunting task. For some listeners, the lyrics and meanings can be the most important thing about a song, and when it comes to royalties the lyrics are technically considered 50% of the song writing.   What... Read More »

Event Ideas – How to get more payers to your band’s show!

Event Ideas – How to get more payers to your band’s show!Playing local gig after local gig can sometimes become boring and turnouts can start to fade, so thinking about different event ideas can keep things fresh.   What do we mean by event ideas? The standard local gig will generally have 4 bands over 4 hours, 20 minutes between each band and the punters just... Read More »

Google Maps

Google MapsFinding your way around on tour isn’t always as simple as some might think, especially when touring overseas without global roaming. Understanding current map technology can help you get to your next venue on time, or find a late night food shop after the show.   What is Google Maps Google Maps is a web... Read More »