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Google Docs

Google DocsKeeping all aspects of your band organised on your computer is never easy, but using Google Docs as a musician can absolutely make everything neater and under control. Google Docs brings your documents to life with smart editing and styling tools to help you easily format text and paragraphs. Choose from hundreds of fonts, add... Read More »

Square Reader

Square ReaderIf you play gigs then you must have a merch stand, and with less people carrying cash these days Square Reader lets you accept card payments. Never miss a sale again and don’t worry about carrying a kitty for change, get the money transferred to a bank account safely and promptly.   What is Square... Read More »

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft ExcelEvery band member needs to organise things from time to time, so if you manage your own band’s tours, recordings and money, then Microsoft Excel will be your best friend. Spreadsheets help to plan, track, report and organise your projects in a visual and easy-to-maintain way so that your band is on top of everything.   What... Read More »


StreamhearStreamhear is a free tool for bands and fans alike, all about finding the best gigs in your area with the ability to listen to the artists there and then. Streamhear is a broadcasting app that connects fans to musicians no matter the size, distance or isolation. This episode chats with the platform’s founder Craig Ninness to discuss... Read More »


BandAidzBandaidz is a new platform for bands in app format that focuses on the social aspect and delivering an opportunity for Artists to reach an audience that are interested in attending their gigs and perhaps meeting a new ‘special someone’ whilst they are at it.   Key things to know about Bandaidz Mobile app on... Read More »

Merchr (with founder Jay Huxtable)

Merchr (with founder Jay Huxtable)Merchr is a new platform for bands to sell clothing and CDs, with the added benefit of only paying for what you sell rather than having to place a bulk order. With a monthly subscription package, there are no other initial outlay costs or a minimum order, simply send your design to Merchr and they... Read More »

Business Structures

Business StructuresThe music industry is increasingly telling us all to treat our band like a business, so to take that suggestion seriously we need to understand government expectations and business structures. For a lot of musicians, being in a band is a hobby and the members all still have day jobs, so is it really fair... Read More »

Music Funding

Music FundingSo many ideas and motivation but so little money, it’s increasingly important to look at music funding options. A day in the life of a musician, tell me about it! But where there’s a will there’s a way, so here are some ideas to help you fund your next music projects.   Types of music funding... Read More »

Music Video

Music VideoOne of the best promotion methods for your band is music video. These days YouYube is a search engine of it’s own, and often people will hear your music here for the first time. Therefore you want to make an impact and take charge of your online video presence. Having a good music video show... Read More »

Booking Flights

Booking FlightsWhen your band is on a tour where driving isn’t possible, booking flights for musicians becomes a big deal. Balancing cheap prices with good times and sufficient luggage is essential for efficiency in the air.   Where to begin with booking flights for musicians Write an itinerary – Figure out your dates and know what times... Read More »